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Who is Sri Jnanadev Yogi?

Sri Jnanadev Yogi is a meditation teacher, spiritual intuitive counselor, metaphysics teacher, and lecturer, Shamballah Ascension Meditation, Initiator of Cosmic / Agni Yoga, who has been offering a variety of services to the public since 1992.
Continue study with other teachers to advance my teachings to higher levels and keeping up to date with the latest teachers.

What Is the Power In Shamballah?

Shamballah Meditation is a secret high level course developing the spiritual power for your Ascension, with your “ I AM PRESENCE” in the process your Supernormal Inner  Sight is develop,  easily, and   full opening the third eye, full awakening of Kundalini is possible in training with these Shamballah Higher  Energies.
You can contact via inner sight and telepathy Ascended Masters (such as St. Germain,) and Siddha Masters (such as Kriya Babaji) for that matter any Master or Yogi, THIS NOT ASTRAL Or after Death plane, THIS HIGHER SPIRITUAL DIMENSION IS FAR ABOVE these lower Planes near Nirvanic levels, be warn its an accelerated path, you can not be negative in habits, or ways of living, or you will not go too far in this very high spiritual Path. But if it’s the Highest you seek you be bless with supernormal vision,
no Spiritual or Yoga Path has brought this yet to the public today.
Its time for the integration of all paths, all PATHS came from the Divine Plan for this time for this Earth cycle Of Mankind/Humanity Spiritual Evolution. The AVATAR OF SYNTHESIS is here now surrounding the Earth at Spiritual levels now.
“The Synthesis of First, Second, and Seventh Ray energies brings the planet and humanity a new energy, a new force, and a new substance with which to shape and mold a new civilization.
“The Synthesis reaches us from the Avatar of Synthesis, Who, acting under the direction of a greater Cosmic Life, synthesizes the energies into a lower correspondence of a cosmic energy as yet of too high and subtle a frequency for us to reach.
“The Avatar releases the new Synthesis to the Planetary Logos and the Christ, Who, in turn, release it to the new Ashram of Synthesis via its focal point, the Masters M., R., and D.K.”
Thus, the Synthetic Ashram is responsible for synthesizing the old path of initiation into a new, much more rapid, initiatory process.
Any disciple in the past seeking initiation could find the path within his own society, within his own etheric framework, and could then follow that path, whatever his particular doctrine or concept might be. Then, there is a special link between the Avatar of Synthesis, Shamballah and the New World Religion, as a new approach to God and to service.

Meditation Teacher

Sri Jnanadev has studied and practiced meditation since 1975. He is an expert meditation teacher and an innovator in the field of meditation. He developed a system and is founder of Shamballah Meditation in 1992 that he has taught to groups and individuals in course, workshop and seminars across Asia since that time.

Training in Hermes Trismegistus / Thoth Teaching 2007
IRH Member Kofuku no Kagaku, member since 2006, special advanced course of Self-reflection Meditation course training, ZENJO Power Zen Meditation Training 2007
Agon Shu Member since 2005 Secret Esoteric Buddhism of Mikkyo Training, Koncho Seiyu Kiriyama
Kaballah Training of Rabbi Rav Berg, many spiritual experiences, 2005
A full enlightenment experience result from the powerful deeksha I received in 2000 from the Mukti 2000 America Retreat at Satya Loka, former location of the Golden age Movement from Sri Bhagavan’s son Krishnaji in 2003 March
Training with Master Charles Cannon, of Synchronicity Foundation, a direct disciple of Swami Muktananda, Shaktipat Master, Hong Kong , 1997
Deeksha initiation  for Enlightenment Course in Satya Loka of Sri Kalki Muktiswara Bhagavan 2000 Advanced Kriya Yoga training, Shibendu Lahiri, 1995
Reiki Master Initiate 1997 Hong Kong Karuna Reiki
Training in AYLB, Awakening Your Light Body of Orin and DaBen 6 months, and now Teacher of same course 1995
Trained in 1995 in original Kriya Yoga with Shibendu Lahiri, great grand son and direct heir to Lahiri Mahasaya
Train in SKY Simplified Kundalini Yoga Teachings in KL, Malaysia of Shri Vethathiri Maharishi directly
Graduate of
AVATAR course of Harry Palmer 1994 Course arrangement and sponsor the teacher to come to Malaysia
Initiate and Certification full course Star-Life Radiant Healing 1994 , from Luis dela Lama Course arrangement  and sponsor the teacher to come to Malaysia
Training Pranic Healing, directly by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Certificate1993
Siddha Yoga member and received several dikshas of Shaktipat by Guru Mayi 1993
Initiate in Kriya yoga by Yogi Ramiah 1993 and Kriya Hatha Yoga Trained in 1991 in Kriya Yoga with Yogi Raminah, his version of Kriya Yoga KL. Malaysia
Enlightenment experience for two weeks, experience Oneness of All life
Summit Lighthouse University Training Camp, Montana USA , one month with the Ascended Master Teachings of EC Prophet

Founder of Shamballah Ascension with Cosmic Fire/Agni Yoga Meditation empowers all paths 1991 to now

Initiate of Dhammakaya Meditation (seeing your inner Buddha Clear Body, and supernormal vision training) at Wat Pak Nam , Wat Dhammakaya, Wat Luang Phra Sodh Dhammakayaram, Rajburi , Thailand by Abbot of and my main teacher Phra Ajahn Maha Sermchai Jayamanggalo. 1989 and DHK teacher training, authorized teacher of Vijja Dhammakaya 1989 to 1993 many Experiences seeing the Lord Buddha in Nirvana and
Trained directly with my Buddhist Meditation Master Monk Luang Phra Rucee Ling Dam, in Mano-may-iddha, seeing Nibbana, (nirvana), supernormal vision iddhi (Siddha) 1990 Wat Tha Song, Uthaithani , Thailand
Brahma Kumars/Raj yoga training , Hong Kong chapter 1985

Darshan Initiate with Swami Muktananda, Ganeshburi , India 1982
Kriya Yoga Initiate, newly revised Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya , India 1982
Kriya Yoga Initiate, a Kriyaban, Self Realization Fellowship, 1982 to 1986 Trained in 1982 in Kriya Yoga SRF lessons 24 months
Initiate Of Dzogchen Master, Nankai Norbu 1985 in Taipei Taiwan
Initiate of Eckankar, 1982 to 1987
Initiate of TM 1975, Homewood , ILL.

Disciple of many Inner Master Yogas and Meditation Teachers
Student of Hatha Yoga, 1975 to 1979. Teacher of Hatha Yoga. Since 1982


Tibetan Tantric Buddhism, Sufi training, Tenaga Dalam Training, Teaching of Sri Aurobindo, Vallalar, various advance Qi-Gong, Yi-chuan, Studies in Theosophy, Rosicrucian’s Teachings, Hermitic Science, Arcane School, of Alice A Bailey (Blue Books), Agni Yoga,


Martial Arts Instructor, Jeet Kune Do, Li Jun Fan Gungfu, Yip Man Wing Chun Kungfu, Filipino Arnis/Escrina/Kali. Training in USA , Hong Kong & Tokyo , Japan since 1975 Head Instructor of Wing Chun, my students school in Hong Kong , Hamburg , Germany


Kriya Yoga Master Yogi Lahiri Mahasaya

Paramhansa Swami Muktananda

Ascended Master El Morya Khan, Chohan of the 1st Blue Ray Teacher of the GWB

Dhammakaya Master Luang Phra Wat Pak Nam

Buddhist Meditation Master Monk Luang Phra Lucee Ling Dam

Lord Shiva

Avahut Sri Nityananda Bhagavan

Guro Rinpoche Padma Sambhava

Sri Jnanadev’s Meditation Teaching Experience

Developed and taught the professional workshop, Meditation Teacher training courses
Developed and taught the Raja Yoga Pranayama Workshop, 2002 to present
Developed and taught the new Opening the Third Eye and Kundalini Workshop, 1995 revised 2002 to present
Developed and taught the
Shamballah Cosmic fire Meditation/ Agni Yoga and Empowerment Meditation Workshop, 1992 to 1997
Developed and taught
Trained since 1983 in original official true Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya, Calcutta, India have now since 1996 Kriya Yoga training workshop to present
Developed and taught revised
Shamballah Cosmic Fire Meditation 1997 to present level 1, 2, 3, and new level 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to present
Developed and taught workshop on
Vijja Dhammakaya Theravada Buddhist Meditation, 1989 to present
Developed and taught workshop Opening the Third Eye 1996 to present
Developed and taught the Basic Superconscious Meditation workshops, 1989 to present

“Shamballah Meditation on Past Life Regression”,

“What is Enlightenment ? and How to Prepare For Enlightenment”.

THE ZERO LIMITS COURSE Huna Teaching Hawaiian, Ho’oponopono, Basic INEW 2011

Pranayama and Chakra Meditation (dhyana) and Chakra Therapy NEW 2011

SPIRITUAL TRAINING : Private Spiritual and meditation training esoteric training private courses and training your higher psychic special abilities . Kriya Babaji’s The New Power Of Kriya Yoga, Higher Consciousness /Connection To God NEW 2011OPENING YOUR PSYCHIC SIXTH SENSE To Awaken Your Intuitive Awareness , New 2011


Lecturer Sri Jnanadev has presented public lectures and many workshops on the teachings he has brought forth at the various location in SE ASIA
Sri Jnanadev Public Speaking Experience And teaching course Since 1989
Theosophical Society and other locations KL, Malaysia , 1990 1995 then 2005

New Age Book Shop, and Age of Aquarius Book Store Hong Kong, 1989 /1996 -2000
NEW AGE SEMINARS, Taipei, Taiwan, 1997
Private House, Singapore, 1994
Theosophical Society, Benares, India, 1995
Private House and Metaphysic Club of Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia1999 to 2006

Shaolin Martial School of Sifu Jan Peter in Hamburg, Germany Dhammakaya, Meditation and Zen 2000, Feb .2008
Jupiter NEW AGE SHOP, Jan, 2008 Stockholm , Sweden various Esoteric Teaching, Advanced Meditation , Psychic Self Defense

Lightworks, Jalan Mesui , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2008 to 2011

Shamballa Ascension Meditation Center in Bangkok 2010 and on

Lifeworks Holistic Centre ,27, Jalan Brother James,10350 Pulau Tikus,Penang, Malaysia , 2011

SEVEN RAYS CENTRE , Neo Dhammasara, PJ, Malaysia 2011


American expert on Esoteric Spiritual Science Yoga expert, and Eastern and Western Philosophies 32 years Experience in Meditation
Spiritual Consular – Intuitive Guidance on Your Spiritual Path
Teacher of Advanced Meditation Disciplines of most Western and Eastern Traditions
Javanese Mystical Training
Esoteric Christianity
Esoteric Hebrews / Kaballah Training
Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Ho’oponopono Basic
Theosophy, Ascended Masters teaching and others





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