Enlightement workshop



Explanation on:

  • Many paths to enlightenment
  • Many methods to enlightenment
  • Many higher levels of enlightenments
  • Who are the enlightened masters in this World Today?
  • Enlightenment can be lost too, who lost IT

Basic understanding and advise for those seeking to understanding Enlightenment, or Liberation from your Karma, or no more rebirths, or your last life on earth, to be in Nirvana, and wanting to attain the same .

What after life is and what happen after death. Where you go after you are enlightened after you physical die, and where you go even if you don’t try to do a spiritual path or who try and fail in attaining enlightenment in this life. Can you also try to come back to earth to attain enlightenment. Can you attain Enlightenment after death states?

Discussion on rehearsal for after life, Robert Monroe’s Journeys, the new religious leader planning a world religion movement Ryuho Okawa of Japan and his book LAWS OF THE SUN and his experience as Lord Buddha and others past and after life experience to help person on the path towards enlightenment. Teachings on Kriya Yoga ,Siddha Yoga, Oneness Movement, Synchronicity Foundation, Advaita Vedenta, J. Krishnamurti ,Andew Cohen sand many other masters on paths to enlightenment

The teachings of Ramtha school of Enlightenment, of “What the BLEEP DO YOU KNOW??” fame.

The Oneness University teaching on experience of “Oneness” terms they use instead of Enlightenment a world spiritual awakening movement that Tony Robbins joined. Also “Power vs. Force” of David Hawkins scale of Levels of Consciousness all will be covered.


And the Advance state of being Beyond Enlightenment the most people are not aware of.

Q&A time for all those present, on the subjects.


Yoga Sadhanas spiritual practices /techniques will be taught preparation for higher initiations/dikshas:

  • Chakra meditation / chakra dhyana // 30 minutes
  • Kundalini and divine energy pranayama ratio 8-16-8-16 with mudras
  • Silent meditation
  • Mantra meditation
  • Kundalini meditation Om Namah Shivaya
  • Raja yoga pranayama / kundalini meditation the 9 mudras// 30 minutes
  • Kundalini breathe ratio 1:0:2:0, ujjayi kriya

Explanation on: Who gives it and what purpose?

  • Diksha / deeksha
  • Shaktipati
  • Kundalini activation
  • Energy dynamic of enlightened masters

Your investment: 1500 SEK

Duration of workshop: 8 hours

Who is Sri Jnanadev Yogi?

Sri Jnanadev Yogi is a meditation teacher, spiritual intuitive counselor, metaphysics teacher, and lecturer, Shamballah Ascension Meditation, Initiator of Cosmic / Agni Yoga, who has been offering a variety of services to the public since 1992.

A 50+ years old American, experience teacher of Esoteric Spiritual Science Yoga, and Eastern and Western Philosophies 32 years Experience in Meditation.

Intuitive Guidance on Your Spiritual Path

Teacher of Advanced Meditation Disciplines of most Western and Eastern Traditions

Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Esoteric Christianity. Esoteric Zohar/ Kabbalah Training

Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Ho’oponopono basic course, and most Theosophy, the Ascended Masters teaching and others

Sri Jnanadev’s Meditation Teaching Experience

Developed and taught Meditation Teacher TRAINING. Raja Yoga Pranayama/ Chakra Dhyana Workshop, 2002 to present .Level I and Level II, Living in Joy of Satya Loka Golden Age Movement, workshops .Opening the Third Eye and Kundalini Workshop, 1995 revised 2002 to present .Shamballah Cosmic fire Meditation/ Agni Yoga and Empowerment Meditation Workshop, 1992 to 1997 .Trained since 1983 in Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya, Calcutta , India have now since 1996 Kriya Yoga training workshop to present ,Shamballah Cosmic Fire Meditation 1997 to present level 1, 2, 3, and new level 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 to present. Vijja Dhammakaya Theravada Buddhist Meditation, 1989 to present. present .Superconscious Meditation workshops, 1989 to present , Basic Kabballah Workshop, Basic Understanding/ Teachings of Ho’oponopono Workshop, Shamballah Past Life Reading and Divine Healing with the Ascended Masters, private, Shamballah Past Life Reading and Healing Workshop ENLIGHTENMENT WORKSHOP – WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT?