Raja Yoga Pranayama

A New Course

Raja Yoga Pranayama with Mudras

For Hatha Yoga Practitioners/Teachers and Reiki Healers/Teachers


Teacher/Facilitator: John also known as Sri Jnanadev Yogi

Raja Yoga Pranayama and Meditation (dhyana). For Hatha Yoga Practitioners and help deeper meditational experiences. The basic purpose of Yoga as taught in Patanjali’s yoga Sutra which most Hatha yoga people follow is an 8-Fold path from Yama Niyama Asanas Pratyahara, Pranayama, and Dharana Dhyana Samadhi.

The order is not correct besides basic morality Asanas are the Hatha Yoga posture to prepare one for ASANA a meditation posture, (I WILL discuss the Secrets and the power of the basic full lotus asana meditation posture in this course as it not known to most anyone)

THEN Pranayama which are many but the higher level one uses mudras and full yoga breath, ujjiya throat breath

The teach the most advance yet not so difficult to do is the

Pranayamas and Pranakriyas Nine Mudras of Dattatreya

which will be taught in this course will allow to go deeper meditation after and can safely awaken your primal energies with the BODY- MIND-BREATH/ ENERGY triangle effects.

THEN Pratyahara withdrawal of senses, numbness, no felling the body, stillness, occur when you after you do you asanas and pranayama works and sit in asana of shava asana for yoga nidra witch more hatha yogis know

THEN that prepare to go to the meditation phase of three which is Dhrana Dhyana Samadhi. Usually dhyana will translates to meditation)

Chakra dhyana or Meditation is higher than TM or any Basic mantra or

BENEFIT OF THIS pranayama is

Mind control: that is can control to slow down you thoughts to stillness balance and quiet you emotions, SLOWER BREATH SLOWER MIND

You control your mind by controlling your breath normal 15 breathes per minute can by pranayama practice slow down your breathing 6 to 3 breathes in the manners of days, weeks or months. Then if you meditate it so much easier to go into deeper, peaceful, blissful meditation. Whatever you practice of meditation be it Hindu or Buddhist or no practice you skill are enhance.

But this special set of procedure with a proper focus, a certain kind of breath way and breath ratio inhale to exhale make this unique and is highly regarded by yogi masters in India, a few very enlightened famous teachers/ leaders teaches to all there high level students, they are well know for it high level of teachings. An enlightened master teacher well known too J. Krishnamurti practice this daily bases. Use by advanced“Art Of Living course of Sri Sri Ravi

Shankar, and the Oneness Unversity/ Movement in India which I attended and trained.

The Clearing, Cleaning , Widening And Storing More Prana, Chi, Ki, Healing Energy In Your Channels and the ThreeMain Storage Center in your body.

1) And full set of Raja Yoga Pranayama, the Nine Mudras, includes pranamudras and pranakriya mudras. And from Tibetan Yantra Yoga the 9 Purification Breaths ,

2) Use of Master Charles and his Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation Audio Tapes & CD to enhance the process behind the lecture playing.

This teaching has been very successful, in my Courses and in special private instructions. It has been very successfully taught in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

If one continues the practice offer here or continues with more advance techniques in my other courses such as Kriya Yoga or Opening of Third Eye course, The Third Eye can be achieve, as well as deeper meditative states, bliss, one-pointed awareness, mind control, samadhi states, supernormal visions, recalling past lives. If steady constant practice is done, can have possible communications with Siddha, Kriya Yoga, and Ascended Masters. Prelude to the more advanced Shamballa Ascension Meditation Course.

1 pm to 5 pm

Your investment:

750 SEK per person

(4 hours)

1pm to 6pm (60 min. breaktime)

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Who is Sri Jnanadev Yogi?

Sri Jnanadev Yogi is a meditation teacher, spiritual intuitive counselor, metaphysics teacher, and lecturer, Shamballah Ascension Meditation, Initiator of Cosmic / Agni Yoga, who has been offering a variety of services to the public since 1992.A 50+ years old American, experience teacher of Esoteric Spiritual Science Yoga, and Eastern and Western Philosophies 32 years Experience in Meditation. Intuitive Guidance on Your Spiritual Path Teacher of Advanced Meditation Disciplines of most Western and Eastern Traditions Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Esoteric Christianity. Kaballah Training. Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Ho’oponopono basic course, and most Theosophy, the Ascended Masters teaching many Qigong training methods from three different schools of qigong and nei gong and others

Sri Jnanadev’s Meditation Teaching Experience

Developed and taught Meditation Teacher TRAINING. Raja Yoga Pranayama/ Chakra Dhyana Workshop, 2002 to present .Level I and Level II, Living in Joy of Satya Loka Golden Age Movement, workshops .Opening the Third Eye and Kundalini Workshop, 1995 revised 2002 to present .Shamballah Cosmic fire Meditation/ Agni Yoga and Empowerment Meditation Workshop, 1992 to 1997 .Trained since 1983 in Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya, Calcutta , India have now since 1996 Kriya Yoga training workshop to present, Shamballah Cosmic Fire Meditation 1997 to present level 1 to 7, to present. Vijja Dhammakaya Theravada Buddhist Meditation, 1989 to present.

Superconscious Meditation workshops, 1989 to present, Zohar teaching of Rav Berg ,Basic Kabbalah Workshop, Basic Understanding/Teachings of Ho’oponopono Workshop,Shamballah Past Life Reading and Divine Healing with the Ascended Masters, private, Shamballah Past Life Reading and Healing Workshop ENLIGHTENMENT WORKSHOP – WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT?