Shamballah Empowerment Ascension Meditation new

Shamballah Empowerment Ascension Meditation

Path of Cosmic Fire-Agni Yoga Empowerment and Initiations
*Take Your Next Step to Your Ascension*
Shamballah Cosmic Fire Initiations

Shamballah Ascension Masters’ Meditation
To Higher Consciousness

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This Is A Powerful System Of Meditation/Contemplative Techniques That Connects You With The Powerful Energies Of Shamballah.
This Connection To Initiation Will Open Your Third Eye Your Inner Sight To See The Planes The Higher Mental Of The Secret Inner Retreat Of Spiritual Ascended Masters…It Will Open Up Also Your Secret Heart Chakra To Attain Divine Sight And Direct Conscious Communication With Your Soul, The Higher Self
By These Advanced Esoteric Techniques You Can Have Inner Contact With All The Ascended Masters, El Morya, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey, Djwhal Khul, Also St. Germain Of The Violet Flame Known As Merlin The Wizard As Well As Other Divine Light Beings, Angels, Archangels And Siddhas Who Are The Real True Teachers Of Humanity.
The Highest Attainments Are Possible For Any Man Or Women Can Be Achieve Through Direct Inner Contact With The Power Of The Head Ashram Of The Hierarchy That Is Shamballah.
Shamballah Levels Up To the Soul / Atmic and Nirvana / Nirvanic Levels. It’s Known To The Dalai Lama And Tibetans As A Place That Buddha Gave The Teachings Of The Kalachakra, Which Is Still Taught To People Around The World Today.
The Lord Gautama Buddha Is Now Head Of Shamballah
Ashram, He Came Down From Higher Nirvana Still Lead To Help Mankind On Earth.  Formally Located On Earth In The Golden Age Is Now Above The Gobi Desert In Asia. This Way Facilitates Conscious Telepathic Communication At A Deeper Level Than Is Possible Through Any Deep Trance Channelling.
The Path Includes The Initiation Of Special Shamballah Mystic Power Symbols.

SHB Level One First Degree

  • Mantras Of The Seventh Rays
  • Introduction To The Violet Fire Decrees And The Seven Rays
  • Purification Of The Seven Chakras And Five Chakra Elements
  • The SHB Five Elements Secret Mudras Meditations
  • Secret Chamber Of The Heart
  • Meeting Your Higher Self- The Holy Christ Self
  • Secret SHB Linking Symbol-Building The Antahkarana
  • The Journey To Shamballah Inner Dimensional Travel Within
  • Baptism of Cosmic Fire (Agni Yoga), Kundalini Ascension Fire Ritual
  • Meetings: The Gate Keeper, Your Guide,
  • Your Consular And Your Master Teacher Of Your Soul Ray
  • Lord Meru (Moon King) & Test Of The Book
  • Initiation Of Lunar Energy For Releasing From
  • Erase, Clear Clean and Transmute Sub & Unconscious Mind of Past Negative Karma
  • Earth and Moon Energy Symbol Initiations

The Shamballah Course Techniques Will Result In The Following:

Transmute Your Negative Karma.
Contact Spiritual Teachers Ascended Masters
Contact and Guidance from Your Higher Self,
Contacting Angels: Healing And Protection from All Negative Influences
Open Up Your Third Eye   7 Chakras & Awakens the Kundalini.
Higher Exalted States of Supramental Samadhi Consciousness.
Supernormal Vision, And Telepathy Abilities
Release Of Negative Karma: Samskaras And  Vasanas ,
Increase Your Spiritual And Mind Power,
New Higher Levels Of Healing Energy Can Flow Though You

Shamballah  Agni  Yoga Path Of Ascension

To Know,
To Do,
To Dare  And
To Be Silent

Shamballah Ascended Masters Foundation
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Shamballah  Ascended Masters Foundation
Sri Jnanadev Yogi 8 Degree Bangkok, Thailand, Jakarta , Indonesia,
Ms. Bee Ling ,Cotteril  UK  5 Degree, Paula Sharifa Golding-Ahap  , Adilade, Australia  3 Degree
Selina Lee K.L. , Malaysia 3 Degree
Pamugari Widyastuti , Jakarta Indonesia 4 Degree
Phone: Sri Jnanadev Yogi in Thailand 0800767288
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The Path Of The Spiritual Warrior By Sri Jnanadev Yogi

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The Golden City of Light may this serve as a beacon of light to all those who sincerely seek the path.  The path to Shamballah is one of warriorship, intense devotion, illumination, magic and servitorship.  The warrior aspect over your shadow, devotion to your higher self, illumination of ever unfolding truths of non-duality/source, the magic and power of your I am presence and service to all mankind.  Courage, love, wisdom and ultimately true surrender.  Yes, many do shudder and cringe at the mention of the word surrender.  If you would dare, then you would know how sweet are the fruits.  We do not ask that you surrender anything but that which you already are not.  Surrender is only a word that otherwise is a constant attitude of inner trust and being in tune with cosmic currents of life, of allowing change to take place for the highest good, of doing your best only for the joy of doing your best.  No expectation, no attachment.  Constant delight.
The Path Of Shamballah Is Indeed Fiery And Accelerated, Not For The Faint Hearted But For Those Who Are Willing To Stand Up And Face Their Egos And Their Real Selves, For Those Who Are To Hail In The Aquarian Age.  Shamballah Is A Synthesis Of All Paths.  It Is The Fountainhead Of All Religions.  From Here, Beings Of Light Had Set Forth And Returned Again, Only To Be Recharged With The Flame Of Immortality.
(The Above Is a Dictation by the Voice of Shamballah)



Shamballah! The very name itself invokes feelings of awe and spiritual nostalgia in those who “remember” their visits to this special place. It was the home of Sanat Kumara when he served as lord of the world, and is presently the home of Gautama Siddhartha, the former Buddha and current lord of the world. It is far more, however, than just the home of the spiritual leader of this planet. It is home to the great white brotherhood and the spiritual hierarchy, as well as home for all those free souls who have gained their mastery through the ascension. But more importantly it is the core, or nexus, for those spiritual impulses that go forth for the enlightenment of every being upon the planet.

The spiritual hierarchy at Shamballah is administrated by a council of seven, headed by the lord of the world.  The duties and goals of the hierarchy is to interest, teach, guide and protect the children of earth, and eventually attract them into the spiritual brotherhood/sisterhood, the great white brotherhood, where they can be trained to assume the offices and responsibilities held by the current members. The hierarchy of this planet is a miniature replica of the greater organization found within the governing body of the solar system.

At one time the actual physical city of Shamballah existed on an island in what was then the Gobi Sea, which is now the Gobi desert. The Shamballah of today is the beautiful city of golden white light located above the Gobi desert upon the 2nd Etheric plane of the cosmic physical. Sort of maha-nirvana. It is identical to what the physical city was except it is now in a higher dimension, shining with the celestial light of the purest love. This holy city, with it golden domes and towering spires, emits a light of other realms even more brilliant than our beloved sun. With the inner eye one can plainly see the brilliants.


This course will bring a gigantic shift in your energy levels. Due to the powerful energy dynamics and increase of your light quotient.  You may get a cathartic response. So we ask that you consider carefully whether you feel ready to open to and integrate the increased amount of light into your being.  We ask that you prepare for the course by having some form of exercise such as yoga and moderate your life-style and diet. And ground your self by sending your energies down to the ground and below.



Opening You 3rd Eye To See Highest Spiritual Guides/Teachers Of Mankind, The Ascended Master On The Inner Planes, See Past Lives, See Higher Planes, Telepathic Contact, Etc

You Will Receive 6 Attunement:

To Raise Your Energy to See With Your Third Eye and To Awakened Your Kundalini And Enhances You Reiki Healing Powers

We Have 300 Plus Awakened Students From Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, UK, Australia,

Attunement One To Five, You Are Attune With The Secret Symbols Of The Five Elements, Five Gate Of Fire To Connect With Cosmic Fire Of Shamballah the Headquarters /Ashram/Retreat Of the Ascended Masters Shamballah:

(Please Note!!!!This Has Nothing To Do With The Shamballah Reiki!!!!!As It Does Not Connect With Shamballah}

This Is Beyond Reiki!!! Or Pranic Therapy)

Opening the Third Eye Attunements

  1. Earth Gate of Cosmic Fire and Earth Symbol Power Attunement And Hand Mudras
  2. Watergate of Cosmic Fire Water Symbol Power And Hand Mudras
  3. Fire Gate of Cosmic Fire Symbol Power Attunement And Hand Mudras
  4. Air/Wind Gate of Cosmic Fire Wind Symbol Power Attunement And Hand Mudras
  5. Akashi/Space Gate of Cosmic Fire Space Symbol Power Attunement And Hand Mudras
  6. And Second Weekend You Get The Earth Grounding and Healing Symbol

The Lunar Healing Symbol for Emotional Balancing and Dream Recall

Attunement for SCH Secret Chamber Heart Initiation

Shamballah Linking Symbol and Outer SHB Kundalini Symbol Attunement that

Links You With Shamballah Celestial City Of Fire

(The Initiations/Empowerments You Will Have Is Like A Connection To

A Higher Power Source, Te “I AM! “Presence)

Opening You 3rd Eye to See the Inner Teachers/ Master on the Inner

Planes, See Past Lives,

Fee: 15,000Baht or 1500Rm 4 day /two weekends

Normal fees up to 6 person but can arrange better lower fees for first timer and experience psychics

Shamballah Center or email:

Other New Age Workshops By Shamballah Master Sri Jnanadev Yogi

Ascended Master Teaching: Basic

Violet Fire And “I Am!” Decrees, the” I Am!” Presence Teachings

Dhammakaya Meditation: Seeing Your Buddha Crystal Body within

Kriya Yoga, Initiation from Kriya Yoga of Kriya Nagaraj Babaji and Lahiri Mahasaya

Opening the Third Eye Workshop Level I, 2, 3,

Raja Yoga Pranayama & Navi Mudras

Prerequisites: An Open Mind and Heart

More details on Shamballah Ascension Meditation ( This is a list of the many possible experience and abilities that can be accomplish as you do the levels from 1 to 7 degrees

Introduction to the Shamballah Path of Cosmic Fire and the Techniques

  1. Open Your Consciousness, Awareness To Enlightenment.
  2. Purification And Balancing Of Your Negative Karma At An Accelerated Rate By The Cosmic Fire — Agni Yoga.
  3. Enhancing All of Your Spiritual Powers for Healing, Supernormal Vision, Begin To Develop
  4. The 7 Siddhas Supernormal Knowledge and Powers to Help      Mankind as a World Server.
    Getting Assistance And Guidance From Ascended Masters, Angels, Cosmic Beings, like : St. Germain, Archangel  Michael, Kriya Babaji, Lord Krishna, Lord Buddha, Padma Sambhava and ALL.
  5. Connecting With Your Higher Self/Christ Self, Inner Buddha and Mighty “I Am!” God Presence.
  6. Understanding Your Soul Psychology And Overcoming Self-Sabotaging Patterns And Obsolete Thoughtforms, Seeing And Nurturing Your Inner Child/Soul.
  7. Purification And Balancing Of Your 4 Lower Bodies And 7 Major Chakras For Yourself And Others In The Context Of Healings.
  8. Opening Your Third Eye And Heart Chakra And Secret Chamber Of The Heart, The 8 Petal Lotus Heart Chakra Chamber Of The Three-Fold Flame.
  9. Experiencing Divine as Joy, Happiness, Peace, Ecstasy, Divine Love and Bliss.
  10. Inner Initiations By The Great Cosmic Beings And Guidance By The Ascended Masters In Shamballah And The  Retreats Of The Chohan Of the Seven Rays.
  11. Contact the Ascended Masters Not Only On Your Past Lives Record, Spiritual
  12. Progress and Evolution But Those of Loved Ones.
    Contact With Telepathy and Clairvoyance Another’s Inner Child, Soul, Higher Self, Etheric Body Self at Etheric Levels.
  13. Access to the Information Library, Halls of Learning, and Wisdom. First You Must Be Purified At Advanced Levels And Then It Is Possible To Gain Access To All The Books, Knowledge, Movies And Stories Both Fiction And Non-Fiction Within These Areas. A Tour Of Sanat Kumara’s Library On The Inner Planes In Shamballah Containing The Akashic Records Of Man’s True   History As In “Lemurian Scrolls” Accordance With Cosmic Law Determines Usage Of These Materials.
  14. Initiations and Protection from Lord Michael Sword and Mighty Astrea on the Blue First Ray Path and White Fourth Ray…
  15. Constancy Will Allow Access To The 14 Different Retreats Of The  Ascended  Masters And Archangels. Contacting the Ascended Masters, and Your Higher Self within the Secret Chamber Of The Heart.
  16. Radiant Energy Healing, Distant Healing, Seeing And Clearing  Of Auras  & Electronic Belt Patterns, Facing And Transmuting Your  Sub personalities; known as by various names: The Shadow; The ID (Inner Demon) ; Lower Self ; The Non- Self; Not –self , the no-self, Your Dweller On The Threshold. D.O.T. which is the total negative part of the false you from all you negative karma you previously did become a the dark force inside causing you OWN INNER CONFLICT , your Dark Night of Soul Or Spirit.
  17. Complete Knowledge And Understanding Of Your Own “I Am!” Presence.
  18. Path of the Ascended Masters the Ten Major Initiations for Your Resurrection And Ascension.
  19. Shamballah Is The Path Of All Paths, The Summit, The Holy Mountain Of  God, The Bridge To Freedom Where , The Temple of the I Am Presence, You Meet Jesus Christ, Lord Buddha,  Sanat Kumara,  Lord Krishna, The Universal Path Of All Beliefs And Beyond All Belief Systems .
  20. According to Tibetan Tantric Buddhist , Vajrayana the Kalachakra came from Shamballah or Shambhala(normal spelling in buddhist books) The Highest Teaching in Buddhism besides Dzogchen or Ati-Yoga. They same location but on different dimension , you can experience the Shambhala of the Kalachakra as well. TRULY!!