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Newly revised for 2012



Steps to Higher Consciousness


John also known as Sri Jnanadev Yogi

For the first time here is a systematic way to open the Third Eye and Astral Travel-OBE. To have the ability TO SEE, clairvoyant your latent special abilities, in all dimensions of space and time and beyond this reality, True Inner Sight.

At these Beginners you learn techniques to achieve this, this is not an attunement. You must Practice these techniques but they will increase you abilities, It doesn’t take long , but requires dedication and will power to train yourself to higher levels.

But in this newly revised Level One we will use very effective an advanced techniques never before used.


Various methods from different Hindu esoteric traditions are explained in depth and the proper uses to get good results. This is an experiential workshop. This method of instructing will be like a series of initiations of techniques to stimulate you sixth and seventh sense. These techniques also raise the energies of the Kundalini to Open the Third Eye safely. By this integration and synthesis of these methods you will fully understand your Third Eye and it functions.

Introduction to the New Course, Explanation history of the arcane, psychic, occult, spiritual and mystical traditions concerning the Third Eye. What is the purpose and use of the Third Eye, RV or Remote Viewing, OOBE & and how to help your path to Enlightenment. Develops Inner Sight, supernormal vision, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and intuition.

Teacher/Facilitator: John also known as Sri Jnanadev Yogi

Explanation history of the psychic, occult, spiritual and mystical traditions concerning the Third Eye. The Third Eye is not the Ajna Chakra only, but of three head centers that forms it. It’s called the “Blue Pearl” and “The Jewel in the Lotus”.The term frontal lobe the front part of brain behind forehead is the screen of the mind, third eye, but vision can be seen there like a film/TV in remote viewing or like in Bronnikov Method.

The purpose and use of the Third Eye is RV or Remote Viewing, able to do OOBE & further advancement to higher Samaria state and finally to Enlightenment. You can develop Inner Sight, supernormal vision, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and higher intuition though the opening. Also lectures about the very advance techniques to the way of The Dark Retreat, to open the third eye to it full capacity. The techniques in how to use the Third-Eye for Manifesting Desires.

The Complete Course Techniques from different traditions to Open Your Third Eye

1) The Kriya Yoga Techniques of Babaji and the Kriya Masters know as “kriya kundalini pranayama” yoga Or “vasi yogam” of the Tantric 18 Siddhas Yoga Tradition.

2) Swami Paramahansa Yogananda’s “Hong Sau” and “OM “Techniques inner sound techniques.

3) Use of Master Charles and his Synchronicity High-Tech Meditation Audio Tapes & CD to enhance the process.

4) Hindu Tantric Kundalini Yoga of the Siddhas, Chanting and the Sri Vidya’s and Shakti mantras. And full set of Raja Yoga Pranayama, the Nine Mudras.

5) Trans-Himalayan Ascended Masters Techniques the 5th Emerald Green Ray, the 7th RAY violet Flame of St. Germain to Clear UP, ENERGIZED your Third Eye

6) High Level Buddhist Techniques for Clairvoyant power, Mind Powers possible seeing (if done with proper longer time/practice) Nirvana,(this is a real fact NIRVANA EXIST AND CAN BE SEEN BY THIS HIGH LEVEL BUDDHIST TECHNIQUE, all Buddhist who think otherwise contact Sri Jnanadev to explain this method) Heaven & Hells, Healing powers, and seeing nimitta ( a visual image/sign of opening third eye in frontal lobe), These Theravada Buddhism Meditation Techniques very well known in Thailand as Dhammakaya and Manomayiddhi

7) The Third Eye has to be Open so you can have OOBE, Astral travel, Astral Projection, Soul Travel Experiences some new techniques will be taught in this Course.

8) Introduction ONLY to superhuman abilities that can be yours in a short time (8days) called Red Ruby Eye of the Dragon System also known as the Bronnikov Method.a by a Russian man, based on a Slavic /Tibetan Qigong that give full opening of third eye /clairvoyance.

9) After above training you will go though testing your gain abilities, Past Lives seeing procedure and some advance guided visualization journey that will train you to see another dimension and Into to Masters of Shamballah.

After you Open Third Eye, any deeksha or shaktipat or One Blessings with intention foe enlightenment, Oneness, Liberation, will have a fully impact on you and more powerful and higher experiences. {IF YOU WANT TO EXPERIENCE ENLIGHTENMENT ask for initiation and more information from Sri Jnanadev. Results: (It varies with each individual but practice of these techniques will WORK to get full results)

To Open 3rd Eye and the Crown Chakra /Brain to enhance your THIRD EYE and Psychic Powers, It is necessary to be on Path to Your Enlightenment (MUKTI) which can happen in This Very Life, the Third Eye needs to be Open it is very necessary to your Full Enlightenment. Results: (It varies with each individual but practice of these techniques will WORK to get full results)

To Open 3rd Eye and the Crown Chakra /Brain to Enhance your THIRD EYE and Psychic Powers,

It is necessary to be on Path to Your Enlightenment (MUKTI) which can happen in This Very Life, the Third Eye needs to be Open it is very necessary to your Full Enlightenment.

Results: ( it varies with each individuals but practice of these techniques will WORK to get full results)
Are Seeing various kinds of Lights in Third Eye, Hearing Inner Sounds, seeing visions , feelings in body. Learning how to progress to higher levels by knowing what lights and sounds are, so to know your levels of you Opening of 3rd Eye and what level and signs of Awakening of the Kundalini. Some Tests are included. I can check you level before and after the course.

This teaching has been very successful, the Opening of the Third Eye Course groups and in special private instructions. It has been very successfully taught in India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, in Hong Kong and Taiwan. All participates achieve excellent results. That is inner Light can be seen at Third Eye, colors light patterns, inner celestial sound in inner ear will be heard, that the indication that third eye chakra is clear, open and that the Kundalini is up to the Third Eye.

If one continues the practice offer here or continues with more advance techniques , the full Opening of Third Eye can be achieve, as well as deeper meditative states, bliss, one-pointed awareness, mind control, samadhi states, supernormal visions, recalling past lives. If steady constant practice is done, possible communication with Siddha, Kriya Yoga, and Ascended Masters. Prelude to the more advanced Shamballa Ascension Meditation Course.

The Explanation on the Different Levels of THIRD EYE OPENING
Levels that can be achieved with practice*
The Eye of Shiva, Rainbow Eye and Golden Eye (ARICA method) occurs when fully develop it. The Etheric Eye, Astral or Celestial Eye that can see past lives, have etheric vision seeing auras; view the Time Track, akashic records. The Mind Mental Eye for Remote Viewing. The Buddhic Eye or the Divine Eye is Intuitive Insight, and higher .The Divine Eye of Buddha you see you own Dhammakaya or your clear crystal Buddha Body and Nirvana. Further develop in the Level Two Course of Op3rdEYE.

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10am – 5pm both days

Energy Exchange: 2500 SEK per person

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Note:Private Instruction/Training for this workshop is available upon request & subject to availability of Sri Jnanadev Yogi. Duration is 16/18 hours within 2 days. Please call Shamballah Center to arrange for Private Instruction booking.

Who is Sri Jnanadev Yogi?

Sri Jnanadev Yogi is a meditation teacher, spiritual intuitive counselor, metaphysics teacher, and lecturer, Shamballah Ascension Meditation, Initiator of Cosmic / Agni Yoga, who has been offering a variety of services to the public since 1992.A 50+ years old American, experience teacher of Esoteric Spiritual Science Yoga, and Eastern and Western Philosophies 32 years Experience in Meditation. Intuitive Guidance on Your Spiritual Path Teacher of Advanced Meditation Disciplines of most Western and Eastern Traditions Hinduism, Buddhism, Sufism, Esoteric Christianity. Kaballah Training. Ancient Hawaiian Huna, Zero Limits / Ho’oponopono basic course, and most Theosophy, the Ascended Masters teaching and others

Sri Jnanadev’s Meditation Teaching Experience

Developed and taught Meditation Teacher TRAINING. Raja Yoga Pranayama/ Chakra Dhyana Workshop, 2002 to present. Level I and Level II, Living in Joy of Satya Loka Golden Age Movement, workshops .Opening the Third Eye and Kundalini Workshop, 1995 revised 2002 to present .Shamballah Cosmic fire Meditation/ Agni Yoga and Empowerment Meditation Workshop, 1992 to 1997. Trained since 1983 in Kriya Yoga of Lahiri Mahasaya, Calcutta , India have now since 1996 Kriya Yoga training workshop to present, Shamballah Cosmic Fire Meditation 1997 to present level 1 to 7, to present. Vijja Dhammakaya Theravada Buddhist Meditation, 1989 to present.

Superconscious Meditation workshops, 1989 to present, Basic Kabballah Workshop, Basic Understanding/Teachings of Ho’oponopono Workshop,Shamballah Past Life Reading and Divine Healing with the Ascended Masters, private, Shamballah Past Life Reading and Healing Workshop ENLIGHTENMENT WORKSHOP – WHAT IS ENLIGHTENMENT?